Wii Lens Cleaning *Disc Read Error Fix*

Our Wii console was having problems reading the game discs. Didn’t like what I found out about my fix options, so made my own cleaner which worked. This does…
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19 comments on “Wii Lens Cleaning *Disc Read Error Fix*

  1. Desiree M

    has anyone ever had it where the wii plays only gamecube games but when you try to play wii games it gives error, thats what mine does.

  2. Daniel Ireland

    Yea, definitely Tom Hanks lol. This didn’t work for me but thanks anyway!

  3. Denise Santiago

    where do you go to get it fixed for free

  4. Zulexoo

    I have a problem… I make this cleaning thing like 3 tlimes and SSBB, Metroid trilogy and Metroid other M still not working. My Wii doesn`t read the disk.

    ¿Anyone knows how to fix this?

  5. DrozdAndConfused

    Very funny. First someone says I sound like Nicholas Cage, then Jeff Bridges, and now Tom Hanks.

  6. MajorMotionMatt

    Sounds like Tom Hanks is telling me how to fix my Wii. I love it. Hope it works – about to try it!

  7. tikomichael44

    This worked great and best of all it saved me money.

  8. James Schanz

    disk drives that have a tray or any mechanical means of inserting a disk seem to be a weak link.

  9. mynameiswat11

    Can you use any kind of cloth, and where did you buy the cloth?

  10. Sandra sims

    where did you find the knock off cleaner?

  11. Juan Ambrosio

    It gives me an error after playing a bit, will this fix the problem?

  12. Juan Ambrosio

    I just got twilight princess and it reads the disk, then it lets me play a little bit, then I get an error, eil

  13. Wafflery

    Oh thank god I found this. My Wii and Gamecube have been broken and I couldn’t even get my gamecube open so that wasn’t an option. Thank you so much!

  14. Metalhead4life121

    I have the same problem -.- anyone know how to fix it?

  15. NightLion667

    This can be quite helpful. I can’t find the wii lens cleaner anywhere either… I was able to play ssbb quite often a few years ago, and now I can’t play Xenoblade D:

  16. Aviv Sabati

    I having many prblems with the wii and it doesn’t work!
    I used to like nintendo and wii but nintendo really cheap, my wii get so many errors all the time, and that not just me! look for wii problems in google and you wiil see how many people bought this cheap console that doesn’t work

  17. Aviv Sabati

    PLAESE HELP  i get this massege and i don’t know what to do : ” press the eject button, remove the game disk and tur the power off”.

  18. MrJack80509

    @WorshippingWarrior22 i dont think its 6 years old…

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