The Best 2014 Cyber Monday Deals

The Best 2014 Cyber Monday Deals
Up to 57 percent off more than 12,000 movies and television shows on DVD and Blu-ray, including "House of Cards: Season 2" and "The Dark Knight Trilogy." – Amazon's Fire phone is available unlocked for $ 199, originally $ 649, in a limited promotion that …
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Slideshow: Gift Guides for the techie on your list
The data from the Babolat Play Pure Drive could be useful for mid-level to advanced players. The best part is that …. While DVD or Blu-Ray box sets can still make great gifts, here are some other things to consider for your favorite cinephile this …

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Does Your Colon Need Cleaning? 5 Things You Should Know
Cleansing proponents promote two ways to clean the colon. One method involves taking bowel-clearing laxatives, powders or supplements; using enemas; or drinking herbal teas topurportedly release colon waste and discharge toxins. But using this method …
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Photos: Aerial Images Reveal Mysterious 'Big Circles' in Middle East
Huge stone circles discovered by air in the Middle East have been imaged with high resolution, revealing their age and other intriguing details. Here's a look at the "Big Circles," which have puzzled scientists for decades. [Read full story on the …
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'Greenest Automaker' Gets 0 Million Federal Fine
Seth Shulman is a senior staff writer at the Union of Concerned Scientists, a veteran science journalist and author of six books. This op-ed, and Shulman's other Got Science? Columns, can be found on the UCS website. Shulman contributed this article to …
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Review: 'Hyrule Warriors' isn't 'Zelda,' but it's not bad

Review: 'Hyrule Warriors' isn't 'Zelda,' but it's not bad
Revisiting the past is part of what drives players to cleave a path through armies and finish levels. Although that may seem easy, "Hyrule Warriors" requires more skill than blindly button-mashing combos. Players must rush around the map taking over …
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Xbox One readies shift to 20nm – but can a smaller node help it match the PS4
Furthermore, McConnell's profile makes it clear that Microsoft chose to drive engagements that would minimize costs over increasing performance in future iterations of the SoC. …. It's not a bad console, it's just not as good so why would you choose it.
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As Bash damage spreads, experts warn of network attacks and an internet
Reports on the latest Bash bug have gone from bad to worse, as damage from the bug spreads and many early patches are proving ineffective. Unlike Heartbleed, Bash attacks allow for remote code execution, allowing an attacker to exploit the …
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Lend a helping hand this holiday season
John K. Crosswell Home for Children, 11 Crosswell Drive, is licensed to provide care for as many as 40 children. … children's throw blankets; eight door mirrors; set of pots and pans; oven mitts; adult cups and plates; flatware; coffee maker; heavy …
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Wii U 8 GB
Additions like achievements, streaming video services, DVD and/or Blu-ray playback and download-only arcade titles turned these consoles into home theater hubs instead of simply video game systems. Nintendo went the …. it currently does. Should a …
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Açores com galardão QualityCoast Platina

Açores com galardão QualityCoast Platina
Os Açores foram distinguidos este mês de Setembro com o único galardão Platina da QualityCoast, tendo ficado em primeiro lugar na Europa, entre 22 destinos concorrentes. Os Açores foram distinguidos este mês com o único galardão Platina da …

Plano regional promove sucesso escolar
O Presidente do Governo Regional anunciou uma série de medidas de combate ao insucesso e ao abandono escolar. O Presidente do Governo dos Açores anunciou, na Horta, uma série de medidas de combate ao insucesso e ao abandono escolar …